Tuesday 11th December 2018
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Oct 12, 2018 @ 12:32

NI: Ronaline Avecilla

Matagal na rin ang itinatakbo ni Daniel Padilla sa showbiz hindi nawala ang pagiging propesyonal nito. Labis na pinabilib ni Daniel Padilla si Lea Salonga matapos ikuwento ng isang musical director ang pagiging propesyonal nito.

Ani Lea sa kaniyang Facebook account, “Was recently in an online conversation with a musical director friend. It made me so happy to hear that a really popular artist that he’s currently MD’ing for is a consumnate professional, showing up at the first rehearsal knowing his material. It gives me hope in the younger generation of artists and performers, that they take this showbiz thing seriously enough to want to give their fans the best they can.”

Tinukoy ni Lea Salonga kung sino ito. Aniya, “As for the identity of this young one, itago na lang sa pangalang Daniel Padilla.”

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