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Aug 14, 2015 @ 1:06
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Makers of third-party accessories for Apple products like iPhones who want their products sold in Apple retail stores may soon have to revamp their packaging and give it an “Apple” feel.

A report on Business Insider said Apple has issued a new requirement for accessory makers to give their packaging an Apple-like appearance, including “consistent product shot photo angles.”

“The new designs bring an elevated look and feel to our third-party bags and cases while creating consistency across the brands to make our Accessory walls more visually appealing and easier to navigate,” it paraphrased a memo from Apple.

Business Insider slightly altered its quotes from the memo to protect its source, Apple-oriented site 9to5mac said.

This was due to Apple reportedly issuing slightly different versions of internal communications to different groups of people, to identify sources of media leaks.

A separate report on 9to5mac said other aspects of the packaging include

– mostly white packaging

– simpler fonts

– new photography

– higher-quality materials

– more consistent compatibility labeling.

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