Thursday 17th January 2019
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Dec 7, 2018 @ 11:58


First Filipino anime series “Barangay 143” airs its last episode for the year before going on season break this Sunday (Dec 9) on GMA.

Fans can expect a super “kilig” episode as Bren (Migo Adecer) serenades Vicky (Julie Anne San Jose) to make it up to her after he went too far in their confrontation.

Meanwhile, Wax tries to keep his cool while he watch the two get along so well together. Is Wax feeling jealous over Bren? What is his true feelings for Vicky?

Don’t miss “Barangay 143” this Sunday (Dec 9), 10AM on GMA. Expect all new episodes after the season break in February 2019.

The Barangay 143 experience continues online via the casual shootout game ”Barangay 143 Street League.” Download the app now for free and for a superb quality gaming experience, make sure to play the game using the new Nokia 5.1 Plus smartphone.

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